Amazon Sells Same-Day Gifts for Valentine’s Day!

Roses on an Amazon gift card

It’s Valentine’s Day all around the world — and some of the celebration has even found its way to the web, with Amazon sharing some fun ideas for last-minute Valentine’s Day gifts! They’re offering specially-designed gift cards with a Valentine’s Day theme that you can print out (today!) as a gift for your sweetheart. (And for some of the cards, they’ll even let you include your own picture!)

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But for an even fancier twist, Amazon’s letting you deliver your digital Valentine’s Day gift certificate via Facebook! And you can also send your true love a slick digital valentine that’s been customized with your own photo! Just upload it onto the card’s page, and watch the fun begin. And some of the other “digital” valentines are really adorable.

There’s a short film where a cat watches as a dog in its back yard scurrying around on valentine’s day. In another video, a charming puppy sings “That’s Amore” while sailing a gondola through a romantic Italian landscape. In fact, there’s more than 350 cards to choose from — though that’s their entire selection for the year. So some have a “birthday” theme or make specific mentions of other holidays.

And of course, Amazon’s also offering discounts today on their Kindle Fire tablets. You can now buy a Kindle for just $59 — a special 25% discount for Valentine’s Day. And there’s also big discounts on Amazon’s Kindle Fire HD6 tablets, as well as their newest Kindle Paperwhite!

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Amazon Kindle Fire HD6 sale

Amazon Holiday Sale on Kindle Fire HDX

Last year I noticed that even Google was getting into the fun. Their Google Play Store had discounted five “romance reads” to just 99 cents, and they’d also got a free video from Walt Disney studios with a Valentine’s Day theme. But there was also a very special animation on the Google home page with a very touching message. There were six candy hearts, but when you clicked on them, a poignant audio clip started to play. “For Valentine’s Day, as people everywhere search for love — something a search engine might not be the ideal tool for — each of these candy hearts brings you a true story of love,” began the narration from “This American Life”. But then it switches to the voices of real people, who describe when they first fell in love.

I hope Valentine’s Day this year is just as special…

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