Eight More Free Kindle Comic Books

Eight Free Kindle D.C. Comic books

Just in time for the holidays! D.C. Comics has teamed up with Amazon to offer eight different comic books on your Kindle for free! There’s Batman, Superman, and the Justice League — plus a comic book that’s based on The Vampire Diaries. The sale ends on Monday, December 2nd — so it’s a good time to snatch up some fun free Kindle ebooks for the Thanksgiving weekend!

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Each of the free comic books is a recent first issue for a currently-published titled — and one of the most interesting new titles is Batman ’66. “Put on your go-go boots and get ready to ‘Batusi’ back to the Swingin’ ’60s,” reads its description at Amazon, “as DC Comics re-imagines the classic Batman TV series in comics form for the first time!” One reviewer noted that the characters were drawn to resemble the actors who’d played them on the 1960s TV show, and another said it brought back fond memories from their childhood. And one reviewer specifically applauded the retro storyline for being “a comic to read and not have to toss myself into anything too serious…”

For a more modern take on the Batman character, there’s Legends of the Dark Knight and Batman Beyond 2.0. And for Superman fans, there’s also a free first issue of Adventures of Superman, plus a comic book called Smallville Season 11. The title is a nod to fans of the TV show (which was actually cancelled in 2011 after it had just completed Season 10). And there’s a fascinating story about who could replace Superman in Justice League Beyond 2.0 (starring Green Lantern and Captain Marvel)!

Amazon’s quietly touting the sale on the pages of some other comic books in their Kindle store. (“Through December 2, download eight free books from DC Comics including Legends of the Dark Knight #1 and The Vampire Diaries #1.”) When the holidays roll around, I like to relax and forget about work and enjoy some of the same things I enjoyed as a kid.

And now thanks to this holiday weekend special, there’s eight free Kindle comic books to choose from!

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