100 Games for the Kindle!

100 games for the Kindle
I couldn’t believe it. I checked the best-seller lists at Amazon.com, and discovered that there’s now over 100 games that are available for the Kindle — including eight free ones! Monday two more new games arrived in the Kindle store — including the really attractive “Fortune Teller.” (“Your Fortune Told on Kindle…”) But it’s part of a new trend, as different kinds of “active digital content” start appearing in the Kindle store. I’ve assembled a complete list of everything that’s available in the store’s “games” section — and discovered a few surprises.

For example, there’s now also another “game” that provides daily horoscopes, and one that helps you convert measurements — like miles to kilometers. Wednesday a new “reference title” showed up with recipes for cocktails. Another “game” lists the calories in popular fast food meals, and there’s another one which turns your Kindle into a stopwatch. There’s an appointment/calendar book, and of course the Notepad and “Sticky Notes” applications. There’s even educational flashcards for kids, plus other educational games (including one from the Scripps National Spelling Bee).

Instead of entertainment, these games are offering actual information in an interactve format. (If you’re taking your Kindle on the road, it could really come in handy!) It shows the variety of active content that’s now available in a Kindle-ready format, and it reminds me of hodgepodge of tempting apps that are available in Apple’s app store. In fact, with all these “useful” applications, it’s nice to see new games being released that are still just plain fun.

Kee-Ko’s Quest — also released Monday — has some delightfully simple graphics. There’s a bug-eyed, smiling robot named Kee-ko (who looks more like a toy car) happily traveling down a track at a factory. Players nudge the five-way controller to move Kee-Ko — and the other robots blocking her way — as she tries to reach the right side of each screen to re-unite with her long-lost robot boyfriend (named F4R4W4Y). I really liked how this game involves a character and a story, instead of just numbers and letters and abstract challenges…

But it also proves how quickly new games are arriving Amazon’s Kindle store. Two weeks ago Amazon released a new game called Pirate Stash — less than three weeks after their last new game, Thread Words! And it seems like the new games are also getting more complicated. Pirate Stash has nearly 120 different brain-teaser puzzles, enough to keep you busy for quite a while! (Pirate Stash isn’t free, but Amazon will send you a free sample with the first 15 puzzles.)

“Fortune Teller” is another example of a seemingly-simple idea with a sophisticated implementation. I loved its graphics — though I remain skeptical as to whether it can truly predict the future. The amazing “Hectar” provides one new prediction a day through a crystal ball on each of five topics — love, money, career, life, and friendship. And the game actually comes with three completely different “modes” of fortune telling — including the more traditional fortune cookie. (“Only 3 cookies can be opened a day so choose wisely.”) And there’s also a “Mystic Pyramid” which works like the Magic Eight Ball, promising “you can merely think a question and pressing the enter key…will give you an answer to the question. Ask as many times as you like!”

Last week saw the release of a new variation on Sudoku called Futoshiki, and there’s also a new text-based “choose your adventure” story called “Choice of the Vampire.” But I realized games were finally catching on for the Kindle when I convinced my friend Len Edgerly (who hosts The Kindle Chronicles podcast) to give Monopoly a try. “I have become a fan of Monopoly,” he admitted in last week’s show. (Adding “I don’t know whether to thank you for that or curse you for it.”) But I think he put his finger on exactly why it can be so enjoyable to play a game on the Kindle. “It’s a very pleasing way to take a break from whatever I’m doing — to move my little hat icon around the board…”

I’ve become almost an evangelist for games on the Kindle — and if you’ve never tried one, you’ll always wonder what you’re missing. So to help you try one, I’ve assembled a complete list of all the games currently available on the Kindle — along with their taglines in the Amazon store, and their current price.

Kee-Ko’s QuestA Puzzle for Kindle ($1.99)

“Fortune Teller”Your Fortune Told on Kindle ($1.99)

EA Texas Hold’emPlay the Popular Poker Game ($3.99)

Pirate StashA Puzzle Game for Kindle ($1.99)

Wordoku Unbound #1A Puzzle Collection (99 cents)

ScrabblePlay the Popular Word Game on Kindle ($4.99)

Word SearchA Word Game for Kindle (99 cents)

EA Solitaire12 Card Games to Play on Kindle ($3.99)

NotepadA Note Taking Tool for Kindle (99 cents)

Calendar ProA Schedule Tool for Kindle (99 cents)

CalendarA Schedule Tool for Kindle (99 cents)

Sudoku Unbound #1A Puzzle Collection ($2.99)

Mahjong SolitaireA Matching Game for Kindle ($3.99)

Sticky NotesA Note Taking Tool (99 cents)

Maze A ThonA Game for Kindle (99 cents)

CalculatorA Calculator for Kindle (99 cents)

Snakes and Ladders gameA Game for Kindle (99 cents)

SlingoA Game for Kindle ($3.99)

CheckersA Classic Game for Kindle (99 cents)

CheckersA Classic Game for Kindle (99 cents)

CodeWordCodewords and Cryptograms for Kindle (99 cents)

MonopolyPlay the Popular Board Game on Kindle ($4.99)

ChessA Classic Game for Kindle ($2.99)

Hangman 4 KidsA Kindle Word Game for Children ($1.99)

NY Times Crosswords Vol. 130 World Famous Easy Puzzles ($1.99)

Word Search Volume 2A Word Game for Kindle (99 cents)

EA SudokuPlay Sudoku on Kindle ($3.99)

Easy CalculatorA Calculator for Kindle (99 cents)

Blocked – Rescue the Block! – A Game for Kindle (99 cents)

NY Times Crosswords Vol. 290 World Famous Easy Puzzles) ($4.99)

Next Puzzle GameA Matching Game for Kindle (99 cents)

Stopwatch and TimerA Time Keeping Tool for Kindle (99 cents)

My Yoga StudioA Yoga Partner on Kindle ($1.99)

ConverterEasy Conversions for Kindle (99 cents)

HangmanA Word Game for Kindle ($2.99)

Triple TownA Puzzle Strategy Game for Kindle ($3.99)

CalendarAppointments, Birthdays, Holidays and Sticky Notes – A Schedule Tool for Kindle (99 cents)

Tic Tac ToeA Classic Game for Kindle (99 cents)

Peg SolitaireA Classic Solitaire Game for Kindle (99 cents)

Scripps Spelling Bee: Word GamesA Word Game for Kindle ($2.99)

FutoshikiA Logic Puzzle for Kindle (99 cents)

The Warlock of Firetop MountainA Fighting Fantasy Adventure ($3.99)

Jumble, 200 PuzzlesA Word Scramble Game ($4.99)

Flip It!A Game for Kindle (99 cents)

Choice of the DragonA Text-Based Adventure ($1.99)

Word SoupA Word Game for Kindle – ($1.99)

True BackgammonA Classic Board Game for Kindle ($1.99)

Anywhere AbsA Workout Partner on Kindle ($1.99)

Flash Cards: Basic Math for KidsA Learning Tool for Kindle ($2.99)

StrimkoA Logic Game for Kindle ($2.99)

Panda PoetA Word Game for Kindle ($2.99)

NY Times Crosswords Vol. 330 World Famous Challenging Puzzles ($1.99)

Flash Cards: Fractions for KidsA Learning Tool for Kindle ($2.99)

Fast Food Calories – Calorie CounterA Reference Tool for Kindle ($1.99)

Daily Horoscopes 2011 – 2012Your Daily Horoscope on Kindle ($2.99)

Spelling StarA Learning Game for Kindle ($2.99)

NY Times Crosswords Vol. 530 World Famous Easy Puzzles ($1.99)

Anywhere LegsA Workout Partner on Kindle ($1.99)

24-7 Spanish – VocabularyA Language Trainer ($3.99)

Choice of the VampireA Text-Based Adventure ($2.99)

NY Times Crosswords Vol. 490 World Famous Challenging Puzzles ($4.99)

Peg SolitaireA Puzzle Game for Kindle (99 cents)

Jumble, 50 PuzzlesA Word Scramble Game ($2.49)

Choice of BroadsidesA Text-Based Adventure ($1.99)

24-7 Spanish – Basic PhrasesA Language Trainer ($3.99)

The Citadel of ChaosA Fighting Fantasy Adventure ($3.99)

Ultimate Music QuizA Trivia Game for Kindle ($1.99)

Dusk WorldAn Interactive Fiction Game ($2.99)

Diamond Crosswords – 50 Easy Puzzles – A Word Puzzle for Kindle (99 cents)

Match GeniusA Memory Puzzle Game ($2.99)

Jumble, 20 PuzzlesA Word Scramble Game (99 cents)

Brain Bump LiteratureA Trivia Game for Book Lovers (99 cents)

Rockin ReversiA Classic Game for Kindle ($1.99)

Ultimate Movie QuizA Trivia Game for Kindle ($1.99)

Symdoku Unbound #1A Puzzle Collection ($2.99)

Flash Cards: Alphabet and Spelling for KidsA Learning Tool for Kindle ($1.99)

NY Times Crosswords Vol. 630 World Famous Challenging Puzzles ($1.99)

Reversi DeluxeA Classic Game for Kindle ($1.99)

Letter LandersAn Early Reader Game for Kindle ($2.99)

24-7 German – VocabularyA Language Trainer ($3.99)

24-7 Italian – Basic PhrasesA Language Trainer ($3.99)

24-7 French – Basic PhrasesA Language Trainer ($3.99)

Ultimate Nature QuizA Trivia Game for Kindle ($1.99)

24-7 Italian – VocabularyA Language Trainer ($3.99)

Spelling Star Spanish EditionA Learning Game for Kindle ($3.99)

24-7 French – VocabularyA Language Trainer ($2.99)

24-7 German – Basic PhrasesA Language Trainer ($3.99)

Ultimate Sci-Fi QuizA Trivia Game for Kindle ($1.99)

Tower of HanoiKindle Edition (99 cents)

Cat Jump – Interactive Puzzle for Kindle (99 cents)

Cocktail MixerA Reference Title for Kindle ($1.99)

BlossomA Puzzle for Kindle

InheritanceA Text Adventure for Kindle

Free Kindle Games From Amazon

Thread WordsA Free Word Game for Kindle

Dots and BoxesA Free Game for Kindle

Every WordA Free Game for Kindle

BlackjackA Free Game for Kindle

Number SlideA Free Game for Kindle

Shuffled RowA Free Game for Kindle

Video PokerA Free Game for Kindle

MinesweeperA Free Game for Kindle

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