How to Celebrate Mother’s Day on Amazon

Mother's Day Kindle HDX sale

I found some funny Kindle ebooks that would make a great gift for Mother’s Day — and a few that definitely wouldn’t! But it got me browsing through Amazon, where I also found some special deals for the upcoming holiday. And Amazon’s also offering discounts of up to $40 on their high-definition Kindles! If you hurry, you can still buy a last-minute gift — especially since for some of them, Amazon is offering free one-day shipping!

For a shortcut to Amazon’s discounted Kindles, point your browser to . Amazon’s discounting the Kindle Fire HD to just $119. But if you’re interested in the larger 8.9-inch Kindle Fire HDX, Amazon’s reduced its price a full $40, to $339. And for “a limited time,” you can also get the Kindle Fire HDX for just $199 — a $30 savings!

Amazon promises that you can return any Kindle within 30 days for a full refund — but there’s also more Kindle-related deals. Through Sunday, Amazon’s also discounting the accessories for Kindle Fire tablets. “For a limited time, save on covers, screen protectors, and more,” reads a promotion that Amazon’s slipped into the middle of their Kindle Fire pages. For example, a leather standing case for the tablets now costs just $39.99 — a savings of $20.

But Amazon’s come up with a clever way for you to give your mother a last-minute gift. If you order a gift card, they’ll give you free one-day shipping. If your gift card is for $50 or more, they’ll even deliver the card in an attractive (and attractively-wrapped) gift box! And for smaller gift cards, Amazon will deliver them in a pretty card, so you’ll still end up with a nice present.

Amazon Gift Card Box with free one-day shipping

Of course, Amazon’s also offering free one-day shipping on other Mother’s Day items — like jewelry and watches. But even if you’ve wait until the weekend, Amazon can still get you a gift to give to your mother. They’re offering specially-designed gift cards with a Mother’s Day theme that you can print out (today!) as a gift!

And for some of the cards, they’ll even let you include your own picture in the card. But for an even fancier twist, they’ll let you deliver your digital message gift certificate online — and one of their choices is a full-motion “Video Starring You”. You upload photos of yourself (or your mother) to, in Amazon’s words, star in your own hilarious JibJab video. There’s a rapping mother, a “Drill Sergeant Mom”, and even one offering the “untold story” in which your mother plays the electric guitar, slam-dunks a basketball, and wins the Revolutionary War!

For me, the perfect way to celebrate a holiday is still just reading on my Kindle. But if you’re shopping for a last-minute gift, there’s still time to get one from Amazon!

For a shortcut to Amazon’s discounted Kindles, point your browser to

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