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Friday is a big day for comic book fans. It’s the opening day for another big superhero movie — Man of Steel, which tells the story of Superman and how he became a champion of justice. And in Amazon’s Kindle Store, there’s already some fun Superman give-aways. For example, right now you can download the first issue of the 1991 comic book Superman: The Man of Steel — for free!

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Superman: Man of Steel was just released for the Kindle last month — and it’s one of several free Superman comics that are now available in the Kindle Store. Also available is the special 2013 edition of Superman: Last Son of Krypton that was released in May as part of “Free Comic Book Day”. And there’s also something called the “Superman Sampler,” featuring excerpts from several graphic novels about the man of steel which, according to Amazon’s description, showcase the characters appearing in the new movie. (Of course, if you prefer Batman, his “Free Comic Book Day” issue is also available — Beware the Batman/Teen Titans Go!)

These comics will all display in color on your Kindle Fire (or on any of Amazon’s Kindle smartphone apps). But you can also read it on most of the black-and-white e-ink Kindles, including the Paperwhite, Kindle Touch, and the new Kindle. “Reading a comic book on a Kindle is a new and exciting thing for the comic book fan,” wrote one Amazon reviewer last month. And there’s one more special free comic book I’ve found that’s available from Amazon…

Superman - the New 52 - #1 (cover)

Last week Amazon sent me an e-mail about their new weekly newsletter — “Amazon Delivers Comics”. And if you sign up to receive it within the next six weeks, Amazon will also let you download a free issue of the 2011 comic, Superman #1! “First-time subscribers to the Amazon Delivers Comics newsletter qualify for a promotional credit,” Amazon explains on the web page, “to get Superman No. 1 from the New 52 series by DC Comics for free.” For a shortcut to the page, just point your web browser to

And I’ll admit that I smiled when reading Amazon’s “Book Description” for this comic book. “What is The Man of Steel’s startling new status quo? How does it affect Lois Lane and the Daily Planet? There’s no time for answers now, because Superman must stop a monstrous threat to Metropolis – one that he is somehow the cause of!” The comic has only been available on the Kindle for the last six months, but it’s received two five-star reviews — with one customer calling it “amazing”.

I’ve always enjoyed reading comic books — ever since I was a kid. So I’m glad that the tradition will continue with a new generation of readers – who’ll be reading the comic books on their Kindle!

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